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Here is a list of common equipment we recommend. Make sure to check with us to determine if it is appropriate for your specific needs:


Anatomical Area Diagnosis Equipment (Amazon Link)
Wrist/Hand Trigger Finger EZ Ring Splint/Oval 8
Carpal Tunnel Carpal Tunnel Brace
Neutral Wrist Splint
Imak Splint
TFCC Tear TFCC Brace
De Quervain’s De Quervain’s Thumb Stability Brace
MC Joint Splint MC Joint Meta Grip
Arthritis/Joint Pain Paraffin Wax Unit
Elbow Ulnar Nerve Compression at Elbow Heelbo Brace
Elbow Extension Brace
Cubital Tunnel Cubital Tunnel Brace
Elbow Counterforce Elbow Brace
Ankle/Foot Heel Spur Gel Heel Cups
Ankle Brace
Knee Chondromalacia Patella Open Patella Brace
Patello-Famerol Syndrome Single Strap Patella Stabilizer
Neoprene Adjustable Knee Brace
ACL/Meniscus Tear Compression Sleeve Brace
Cervical Spine Cervical Traction Cervical Traction
Cervical Myofascial Pain Cervical Pillow
Lumbar Spine Double Pull Lumbar Brace
Lumbosacral Othosis
Posture Brace Posture Corrector
Sciatica Sciatica Pillow
Ergonomics Repetitive Strain Injury Ergonomic Sit Stand
Rollerpro Mouse
Left Handed Mouse
Natural Ergonomic Split Keyboard
Example of Proper Ergonomics
Miscellaneous TENS Unit TENS Unit
Myofascial Pain Theracane
Myofascial Pain Cupping Set
Myofascial Pain Foam Roller
Myofascial Pain Massage Gun
Myofascial Pain Lacrosse Ball
Ambulation 1 Point Cane
CRPS Compression Stockings
CRPS Isotoner Gloves
Foot Swelling Foot Sleeve