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Jon R

I injured my neck and back at work for which my employer referred me to Dr. Jayakar’s Clinic. Dr. Jayakar spent a lot of time with me at each visit intently listening and gathering details about my condition. She performed the right diagnostic workup, referred me to the best Physical Therapists and recommended a cervical epidural injection. I was amazed at how quickly my chronic issues improved. Although surgery has been recommended for my spine problems, I have been able to successfully manage my nerve pain with conservative measures and continue to function without surgery, thanks to Dr. Jayakar’s management. Dr. Jayakar’s clinic and her care is exceptional, and far superior to any other medical care I have ever received in the past. Dr. Jayakar is an incredible physician, very professional and she has a great bedside manner. She has an amazing staff who make patients feel welcome and comfortable. I consider myself very lucky that my employer referred me to Dr. Jayakar Medical Group for treatment of my work injury; I am honored to be their patient.

Fatima H

Dr. Jayakar has been treating me and my family for over 20 years. She has been awesome in diagnosing and treating my injuries and orthopedic issues. She fixed my repetitive strain injury problem, my plantar fasciitis, which I had been dealing with for many years. She referred me to the right physical therapist, prescribed the correct orthotics and gave me excellent advice about use of proper shoes and appropriate ergonomic input devices for computer use. She also treats my mom, who has been seeing her after several complex surgeries and Dr. Jayakar gives her appropriate joint injections for pain management. I have found her office staff to be very responsive to my phone calls and emails. Her office runs very efficiently; she and her staff understand what patients need and they do their best to satisfy their patients. Dr. Jayakar is a great communicator and spends a lot of time with her patients, explaining the nature of the problem and the recommended solution. I have never had this experience with any other doctor. Our family relies heavily on Dr. Jayakar’s experise.

  •   I was referred to Dr.S.Jayakar by my employer (work related injuries). While I was in the waiting room, another patient was leaving, talking to herself  " This is such a great place!"; a big smile on her face. I thought to myself- okay, that's a good sign. The next patient also came out smiling. By the time my exam was done, I was also smiling ( although crying inside from the pain). Dr.S.Jayakar performed a thorough assessment and was very attentive to my input. She and her staff are all friendly and easy to talk to. This was a very positive (and much appreciated) experience. Thank you Dr. S. Jayakar!

    thumb Alli B.

      I was treated by Dr Rohit Jayakar following a work related back injury, and I couldn't be happier with the care I received! He provided me with targeted exercises which enabled me to regain strength and flexibility. He also referred me to a skilled chiropractor, which proved to be a game-changer in my recovery journey. Thanks to his guidance, I'm able to return to work pain-free and enjoy my outdoor hobbies without limitations. I would highly recommend Dr. Jayakar as he is a skilled and compassionate doctor who truly prioritizes his patients' well-being!

    thumb Aysu S.
  •   After having 3 doctors that failed to help me with my injury, Dr. Jayakar was a blessing. He has been nothing short of being professional, HONEST with what he thought, and given me the best care and resources for my injury. He does everything in house which is amazing on his part and he will be an advocate for you. Thank you doc and team!

    thumb Di-an D.

      My employer's workers comp office sent me to Dr Rohit Jayakar for a shoulder injury. Dr Jayakar examined my shoulder thoroughly, listened to my concerns, explained in great detail his recommendations and plan of care not to mention his excellent office staff.
    6 months later my shoulder feels great & Iam getting ready to get back to swimming.
    Thank you Dr Jayakar for being an excellent physician, a dedicated & caring professional.

    thumb L C.
  •   I have been going to this office for a long time. They have been responsive to all my needs. From the office staff to the doctors I feel I have received excellent service. They are all caring and engaged providers and I would recommend them without and reservations.

    thumb Tom M.

      Dr. Jayakar has been awesome. He truly cares of how I'm doing. After being with a number of other doctors, I finally feel that thing are improving with my injury. The doctor is very receptive to listening to my input and concerns. He also recommended a great Physical therapist that deals specifically with my injury.

    thumb Tom B.
  •   It was my initial visit to meet and to be evaluated by Dr. Sunita Jayakar.  I was never impressed with a doctor at the first visit but I was with her.  Her in-depth knowledge and familiarity with my condition was just amazing.  She was so efficient and so thorough and the suggested test and therapy was exactly what I was looking for.  I have been in constant pain and I don't know where to go to get the treatment I really needed. For some reason, meeting with her and listening to her already made me feel better that there is hope to feel whole again and enjoy my previous active lifestyle.  I guess, I have to see how the succeeding treatments will improve my condition.

    thumb Olivia S.

      I've been under Dr. Rohit Jayakar's care for 2 years. He is an excellent physician. He listens to my issues and concerns and has helped me to get better with his plan of care. As his patient and RN of over 40 years, I highly recommend Dr. Jayakar.

    thumb Arlene S.