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Jon R

I injured my neck and back at work for which my employer referred me to Dr. Jayakar’s Clinic. Dr. Jayakar spent a lot of time with me at each visit intently listening and gathering details about my condition. She performed the right diagnostic workup, referred me to the best Physical Therapists and recommended a cervical epidural injection. I was amazed at how quickly my chronic issues improved. Although surgery has been recommended for my spine problems, I have been able to successfully manage my nerve pain with conservative measures and continue to function without surgery, thanks to Dr. Jayakar’s management. Dr. Jayakar’s clinic and her care is exceptional, and far superior to any other medical care I have ever received in the past. Dr. Jayakar is an incredible physician, very professional and she has a great bedside manner. She has an amazing staff who make patients feel welcome and comfortable. I consider myself very lucky that my employer referred me to Dr. Jayakar Medical Group for treatment of my work injury; I am honored to be their patient.

Fatima H

Dr. Jayakar has been treating me and my family for over 20 years. She has been awesome in diagnosing and treating my injuries and orthopedic issues. She fixed my repetitive strain injury problem, my plantar fasciitis, which I had been dealing with for many years. She referred me to the right physical therapist, prescribed the correct orthotics and gave me excellent advice about use of proper shoes and appropriate ergonomic input devices for computer use. She also treats my mom, who has been seeing her after several complex surgeries and Dr. Jayakar gives her appropriate joint injections for pain management. I have found her office staff to be very responsive to my phone calls and emails. Her office runs very efficiently; she and her staff understand what patients need and they do their best to satisfy their patients. Dr. Jayakar is a great communicator and spends a lot of time with her patients, explaining the nature of the problem and the recommended solution. I have never had this experience with any other doctor. Our family relies heavily on Dr. Jayakar’s experise.

  •   Dr. Rohit Jayakar and his staff have been immensely instrumental to my muscle strain recovery. In May 2023, I injured my trapezius muscles pretty badly causing loss of strength and stiffness to my upper back and neck region. This injury devastated me, as I've always been physically healthy and in shape, & the pain also carried to different areas of my body. After months of PT & heartache, I was starting to lose hope that I would get better. Due to a change of circumstances, Dr. Jayakar became my primary doctor for my work related injury. He listened to every little complaint and pain I had and offered different suggestions as options to pursue in my recovery. I always felt comfortable/autonomous in his care and in the plan of action going forward. His office staff were professional & kind. I am happy to say that almost a year later, under their diligent & expert care, I am close to 100% back to where I used to be. I am forever thankful!

    thumb Jemiyah Ann C.

      I've been a patient of Dr. Sunita Jayakar for over 5 years due to injuries from work. Throughout the years, Dr. Jayakar provided excellent care and support. She is thorough in her evaluations, explaining the various treatment plans and procedures. I felt I was always heard and understood, which is invaluable when dealing with complications post surgery. She and her staff are well versed dealing with worker's comp issues and insurance, easing many of my concerns. I highly recommend her and her medical group for all your physical ailments!

    thumb Lillian S.
  •   I cannot say enough about the care and treatment I've received from Dr. Jayakar. I sought treatment with her for horrible neck/arm pain and was diagnosed and had a treatment plan for recovery that day! Her staff is amazing and always gets back to the patient the same day. I feel safe and cared for and know I'm get the best medical care with Dr. Jayakar.

    Valerie W.

    thumb Valerie W.

      Upper shoulder injuries.
    Dr Jayakar Medical Group is excellent.
    Dr Jayakar took great care of me with my upper shoulder injury. Dr Jayakar is very helpful, encouraging provided the correct treatment for me. Dr Jayakar really listen to her Patients concerns. Dr Jayakar office staff very professional.
    Loved the whole experience of Dr Jayakar Medical Group

    thumb Mohini J.
  •   I have been a patient for some time due to a workers comp injury. I have been seen by Dr Jayakar for most of this time. My case is complicated and Dr Jayakar has been stellar while treating me. She is a Qualified Medical Examiner so she knows everything. She is my medical advocate, she explains processes and procedures in a way that is easy to understand and she is able to answer any questions I may have. I highly recommend Dr Jayakar as a physician and I will miss having her as my doctor when my case is closed.

    thumb Sara M.

      My first experience with Jayakar medical group was with Dr Sunita Jayakar in 2005 with excruciating back problem , she cured me completely under her care, coached me on good practices and I have not had any need to go back to her again ! Recently she saw my husband , after a thorough examination nailed his issue and he is feeling much better , I highly recommend this Group fabulous experience with Judy in the front office and Dr Rohit and Sunita Jayakar

    thumb Rekha G.
  •   This review is for Dr. Rohit Jayakar.

    I had been to 3 different workers comp doctors before I fortunately found Dr. Jayakar. I suffered a multi trauma injury at work and all my previous doctors told me I was a "complex chronic pain patient" and there is nothing else they can do for me. Nothing else they could do for me yet they never even tried except prescribing me pain medications. I was told multiple times I needed to retire and my career was over.. I was 28 at the time.

    Dr. Rohit Jayakar was able to create a treatment plan, step by step, to rule in and out, where my pain was originating from and get to the root cause for each body part. The amount of time Dr. Jayakar invested in me and my well being, because he knew how important my job is to me, is astounding. He made an impact on my life that I will forever be grateful for.

    If every doctor had the same work ethic, compassion and knowledge as Dr. Rohit Jakayar, there would be a lot less people on disability and living healthier, happier lives.

    My return to work is heavily due to Dr. Jayakar and I will be seeing him for all my future aches and pains.

    Thanks Doc!

    thumb Jamie C.

      Dr. Jayakar is the best ! I was at Kaiser before for my work comp injury with a Dr. who I swear was a quack !!! Dr. Jayakar came up with a plan that really worked well for me ! I would recommend him to everyone and anyone who needs some real relief.

    thumb Lisa B.